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CUSTOMERS & PRESS: Industry Reviews
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SXR Audio Stand

"In my opinion, the HRS rack is one of the greatest audio products ever manufactured."

Michael Fremer
Stereophile, May 2011

SXR Audio Stand with S1 Isolation Base

"Adding the HRS SXR improved my system's focus and low level resolution, and lowered its level of background noise. Consumers, and manufacturers who, despite the trouble and expense, schlep the heavy MXR racks to hi fi shows, had told me to expect a greater sense of overall system coherence and solidity. Even so, what I heard from the SXR was far more profound than anything I'd anticipated.

I am buying a Harmonic Resolution Systems SXR rack."

Michael Fremer
Stereophile, February 2009

Goodwins High End

"Harmonic Resolution Systems resonance control products now grace our reference room. The folks at HRS have brought their wealth of knowledge gathered throughout years of work in the commercial and government aerospace industries. They offer products ranging from damping plates to isolation shelves and full racks. They are the best that we have heard in 30+ years."

Overture Audio Video
Terry Menacker
President of Overture

"In the world of ultra-high end audio and video, only a few companies can lay claim to having created a component that has a performance advantage that leaves everything else in the dust. Harmonic Resolution's MXR Audio Stand is in that select group. Nothing else comes close."

M3 Isolation Base
Jules Coleman

[ full review ]

"I reject the view that anything that is essential to the success of a music playback system can be called a "tweak." No tweak I have ever introduced into my reference system has ever made a comparable improvement to the music or to the level of enjoyment I have gotton from it as the HRS M3 Isolation Base. It is a special product that far exceeded my expectations. With it, Harmonic Resolution Systems takes its place among the elite manufacturers of isolation devices. This will not be the last you hear from this company."

M3 Isolation Base
Michael Fremer

[ for the full review, please purchase the May 2005 issue of Stereophile ]

"The Brinkmann Balance turntable System... and HRS M3 Isolation Base is - with the exception of the Rockport System III Serius - the best turntable system I've ever heard."

M3 Isolation Base
Marc Mickelson

[ full review ]

"After hours and then days of listening, I came to the conclusion the the PiTracer not only sounded better sitting on top of the M3 platform, it sounded its very best. Its intrinsic character was discernible when it was resting on my Bright Star Townshend combo, but it wasn't as pronounced -- things sounded a little muffled or fuzzy in comparison. Not with the M3 underneath. The PiTracer sounded better than any CD transport I've heard."

Damping Plate and Isolation Base
Inner Ear

Damping Plate:
"We placed a couple of the "damping plates" on top of the housing and compared the resulting audio information. However, the A/B comparison was so one-side in favor of the Harmonic Resolution Systems that comparing is practically an unnecessary waste of time."

"The plates rendered much better resolution across the audible frequency band, significantly improved imaging and focus and more body and weight to the sound."

HRS M3 Isolation Base:
"The results of our listening test were instantaneous and a veritable ear opener. In addition to added body and improved imaging and focus, we all noted improved handling of dynamics, and a significant improvement in low-level information and inner detail."

"With Harmonic Resolution Systems, nothing seems to have been left to chance, as they functioned well beyond our expectations."

Analog Disk ADL
Rick Becker
Enjoy The Music

"Adding the Analog Disk to my unadorned turntable certainly
produced results in excess of its cost. By this, I mean that you achieve a commensurate improvement would require spending a lot more money if you were to upgrade the cartridge, or the turntable itself."

HRS Damping Plates ad Nimbus
Marc Mickelson

"Harmonic Resolution Systems' products work, and work very well. They comprise a true system for addressing vibration and its deleterious effects on the performance of audio equipment -- the most effective such system I've used."

MIR Equipment Rack System
Jules Coleman

"Once you experience first-rate resonance control, you cannot go back."

"The HRS rack is unrivalled in my experience as a means of securing an audio playback system against the deleterious consequences of the 'noisy' environment in which any system invariably resides."

"A lot of equipment -- much of it good and a good deal of it better than that -- has graced my listening room since Mike Latvis, president, chief engineer and designer of Harmonic Resolution Systems came to my home several months ago to set up his M1R equipment rack. The vast majority of those components have brought me hours of listening pleasure. Still, at the end of the review cycle, almost all of them have gone back from whence they came. Not so the HRS equipment rack; it's not going anywhere. In fact, as soon as I can scrape together the money, I intend to purchase another."

M1R Rack System Awarded Product of the year 2004

Jules Coleman of 6moons selects Harmonic Resolution Systems M1R Rack System as Product of the Year 2004. For more information, click here.

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