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CUSTOMERS & PRESS: Customer Feedback
Looking for Industry Reviews?- click here.

Listed below is a small sample of the feedback we receive every week from our dealers and end customers. Please feel free to contact us if you have specific interest in how our products will improve your audio or video system.

Damping Plates and Nimbus Products

"I would like to get another one of those 4.5 x 14.5 damping plate. I was messing around the other night and CAN'T BELIEVE how much better the DAC sounds with the top completely covered in them.

I'm extremely happy with the plates I recently got. 35 of them total in the system. They really work and have made an incredible improvement. There really isn't anywhere to go from here, unless I choose a completely different path." -CD, WA

"Your Nimbus products are excellent!" -DT, Texas

"If these damping plates work as well as the others, I expect to wring even more resolution out of a system that has already gone well beyond anything I reasonably could have expected."
IR, ON Canada

Analog Disk Record Weight

"I can happily report that, yes, the HRS Analog Disk DOES make a difference". "Identifiable increase in resolution around the "edges" of the voice... images became more "solid". I didn't even realize that there was this slight fraying in the notes until it was absent" "I tried playing the LP's with the HRS Analog Disk, no clamp at all, and with after-market solid metal clamp made by your competitor" "Using the HRS Analog Disk was the best result" "I will be using it on every play from now on."
-RM, Australia

M3 Isolation Bases and MXR Audio Stands

"I got the rest of the HRS order in and installed most of it last week. I am getting a detail in the soundstage I have not experienced before. The M3 Isolation Base under the turntable has elevated vinyl to another dimension." -RH, Georgia

"I recently got my M3s for my mono blocks. As much as I was expecting a mighty fine product, nothing had prepared me for what I received. Stunning workmanship, the subtlety of the F-117, doing its work without crying out,'Look at me!'. Just superior isolation. So now I need a primmer on your Nimbus system. I already have the Damping Plates on my critical components." -Will, Georgia

"I just wanted to say thanks for spending so much time on a late night last Friday with Sean and I. It was a remarkable experience. Not only is your product top shelf but it was one of the most enlightening listening experiences I've had in almost 15 years of HiFi. It was a truly educational experience, which goes right to the heart of why I enjoy this "hobby" of ours. If there was one thing negative about the whole experience it can only be that you have spoiled my ear! I can hardly stand to listen to my reference system without being reminded of what it can do and is not at this time!!" -CH, Illinois

"I owned a Zothecus rack, then the XYZ(brand intentionally removed from this version of quote) with carbon fiber shelves and then I auditioned the Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) M3 isolation bases, dampening plates and Nimbus footers. I then bought the new generation HRS MXR equipment stand in burled walnut finish (I literally just took delivery yesterday of the stand).

It is extremely attractive (my wife for the first time commented that I should put it out in my listening room versus inside my recessed equipment closet..), the shelves are adjustable, the wood work is flawless and, this is the best part, it radically reduces the harmful effects of air-borne and equipment-borne vibrations to a level I didn't think was possible.

The really nice thing about the HRS system is that it is entirely modular allowing you to build it up piece by piece. For example, you can start with one isolation base for your CD player. You can put this isolation base on an existing shelf or rack. You can buy the dampening plates (which sit on top of the equipment) and Nimbus feet (which go under the equipment) piece by piece. I bought these in stages trying them on each piece of equipment to validate its impact before buying more. I ended up treating all of my components.

The isolation bases are designed so that they can sit on the floor or on another equipment rack. This is how I started and I ended up with 6 bases (dartzeel amplifier, 2 Hydras, CD12 player, dartzeel pre-amp, Linn Unidisk 1.1). For the best possible performance you can then buy the MXR frame (his second generation) and sit up to 4 isolation bases in the frame.

As a test, I just put one isolation base into the MXR frame last night and sat my Linn CD12 player on it. Before the frame arrived I had been listening to my CD12 on just an isolation base in a standard equipment cabinet. To tell you the truth, I was not expecting an audible improvement. I bought the rack mainly because of its beauty and precise engineering. I was totally blown away by the incremental sonic performance I got from my CD12 in the MXR frame. Everything became more fluid, musical and at the low end a new level of detail emerged such that I could follow every bass guitar pluck.

I realize this may sound a bit over the top and I am fortunate to have a dedicated and fully treated/tuned/calibrated listening room which fortunately and unfortunately lets me hear everything my system in doing - good and bad - but I was simply not prepared for the improvements the HRS has delivered in my system.

The HRS MXR is not cheap…. but it is some of the best money I have ever invested in my system. Inevitably, the other products I have tried over the past year of intense experimentation yielded some improvements in one part of the audio spectrum, but at the sacrifice of performance in another. The HRS is advertised to be one of the only vibration control systems that is "broadband" or across the entire spectrum. Based on my experience over the past 3-4 months it has lived up to its billing.

Bottom line, I strongly encourage all serious audiophiles to investigate these types of products before investing in expensive component upgrades. You may be very surprised at the performance your existing components can deliver if they are properly isolated from the destructive effects of air-borne and internally generated component-borne vibrations. I know I was. Every component I tried benefited with the most significant improvements being achieved from the source end on out (i.e. power line conditioner, CD player, pre-amp, amp in that order).

Buy on looks, but also buy based on your ears!"
-DM, Massachusetts

MXR-1921-4V Gloss Black

"After further listening, all I can say is WOW! I just cannot believe the sonic difference. I will at some later point describe what I hear. I first am trying to figure out how to pry my jaw up from the floor! How much are the damping plates? What is your experience with them? Feel free to give me a call concerning these and their appropriate use." -Bob, Indiana

"I intended to write this e-mail almost two weeks ago, but having assembled the MXR system I could hardly believe my ears, so I decided to wait until the initial enthusiasm had somehow disappeared.

But the enthusiasm is still there; or rather it is even more pronounced today: Clarity, micro dynamics and dynamic contrasts; space between instruments; the pace of the music - all these fundamental elements have greatly improved. The soundstage is deeper, wider and taller, and the harmonic structure of voices and instruments is now unbelievably real - and listening fatigue non-existing. Your MXR System is an accomplishment in the service of music and I congratulate you! Peter and I will recommend HRS to anyone who cares for music and not only for hifi.

And personally I like the thought that even the most expensive electronics cannot buy you perfection in sound reproduction. You really have to start with a solid basis!

PS. And on top there is the unrivalled build quality and finish!"
-Claes, Denmark

MXR-1921-4V Birds Eye Maple with custom Isolation Base for Loricraft 501 TT

"Hi Mike. I love the rack and everyone who sees it (even if they can't appreciate its capability) are mightily impressed not only with its build quality but its beauty. Thanks again for being so obsessive; it shows in the most positive way.

Thanks again for building such an excellent product and have a great weekend." -JS, New Jersey

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