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For high performance audio and home theatre room design services and acoustical products please visit the Performance Acoustics Labs website.

* Performance Acoustics Labs is a division of
HRS Inc.
Harmonic Resolution Systems Inc. (HRS) industry leading performance is derived from decades of engineering experience with audio, defense, and aerospace systems. This extensive knowledge base combined with a life time of experience with high end audio systems go into every product we design and build. All products are manufactured in the US by highly skilled craftsman using superior techniques, exotic finishes, and proprietary materials. HRS is dedicated to producing the finest audio products in the world.

"In my opinion, the HRS rack is one of the greatest audio products ever manufactured."

Michael Fremer
Stereophile, May 2011

HRS products are designed to individually make a significant improvement in the performance of a high end audio or video system. Used together as a system, HRS products will redefine what you thought was possible.

I hope you find this website very useful and informative as it contains a great deal of product information, feedback from our customers and industry professionals about our performance, and assistance on where you may experience and purchase Harmonic Resolution Systems products.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you need additional assistance with your system. Harmonic Resolution Systems looks forward to working with you to properly solve the noise issues that are degrading your system performance.

Michael Latvis
Chief Engineer
Harmonic Resolution Systems Inc.

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